Customised trainings

NCAs expect Firms to ensure that their staff possess the necessary knowledge and competence to meet relevant regulatory and legal requirements as well as business ethics standards.

It means that they must ensure that their staff know, understand, and apply the firm’s internal policies and procedures and have the necessary levels of knowledge and competence to fulfil their responsibilities and obligations in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.



  • We provide exhaustive regulatory training from staff training to one-on-one training for the Compliance Officer, to tailored sessions for the Management bodies members in all regulatory related matters.
  • Our training can be delivered live, in person or virtually, based on learners’ preferences.
  • We offer a unique solution that systematically collates the regulatory basis, explains how it applies to real-life situations, and is tailored for professional attendants.


S: Specific

  • Our trainings are bespoke and tailored to our clients’ needs
  • They may be standard classroom sessions or bespoke workshops

M: Meaningful/Measurable

  • Upon request, we can design quizzes and issue completion certificates
  • Only direct interactions with the trainer and the ability to ask questions will guarantee an appropriate level of knowledge retention

R: Relevant and reasonable

  • We cover any regulatory topics related to financial markets, financial crime and emerging topics (e.g., Crowdfunding, VASPs)
  • We ensure attendees really understand the issues in the context of their own business

T: Timely

  • We are happy to discuss any specific needs and create fully tailored support material
  • You can embed our trainings in your annual training program alongside more standardised on-line solutions.


Please note that Deontea has been selected as one of the trusted partner by the House of Training in  Luxembourg and provides certified trainings recognised as such by the CSSF.