Our values define who we are - Our people are the one who create these values.

Deontea’s philosophy is to seek excellence in all areas of its activities. Understanding regulations and proposing actionable solutions to our clients is complex, challenging and requires dedication and expertise.

We believe that simple structures are often the most effective in achieving success. Deontea is structured around two main poles: Our Analysts and Our Account Managers.

Meet our Analysts

Only rare individuals that have experienced both sides of the industry can provide appropriate answers to challenges faced by our clients.

We surround ourselves with experts with ex-government / ex-regulators’ experience.

Our analysts have worked several years at the heart of the Bodies that shape the regulatory landscape in which our clients operate (FCA, ESMA, EC … etc.).

Fully familiar with the policy making process and the way the regulators operate, they provide us with an exceptional insight on existing and upcoming regulations. Since most have also worked numerous years for recognised International financial institutions, they have acquired a comprehensive understanding of those firms’ operational frameworks.

Meet our Account Managers

We believe that diversity brought in by our people through their unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints, are critical to inspire our clients. 

Varied backgrounds and different professional experiences are what makes them unique. Financial intermediaries must re-invent themselves every day and must embrace changes brought by technological progress and societal evolution.

In a world constantly changing, only people that experienced different paths through their career are able to truly understand our clients’ expectations and how best meet their needs.

At Deontea, we understand that technology is a means to an end and whilst human factor remains paramount our team is supported by expert business analysts able to handle the technical and functional requirements of any new or existing regulatory initiative impacting our clients ICT systems.

Our business analysts are experts in their fields. They support our analysts in addressing all types of IT related challenges with minimum disruption. They understand that only a holistic approach will guaranty full and effective compliance together with providing our clients with valuable insights and key data to streamline their processes.

No true firm can function without the most precious staff that make thing happens on day-to-day basis. So even if you may not meet them when working with us, we would like also to list some of the persons that make that possible:

Administration: Justine and Diana in Paris, Nick in Dublin, Hannah in London

Accounting and payrolls: Diorne, Jitendar and Samuel London and Dublin

IT support: Karen and Sam

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