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Don’t settle for the ordinary

For too long, organisation though that their legal council could address all the issues arising ranging from HR, Contracts, Vendors management, Customers dissatisfaction to Regulatory obligations.

For too long, organisations have been managing their compliance in isolated siloes, only addressing issues after they’ve already occurred.

For too long, most organisations though that they can rely on “market practices” and peers’ approach and be all right.

Our Leadership team believes that our clients deserve better.

Meet our Founders


Managing Director

Florent holds an MBA from University of San Francisco. He worked over 25 years in the financial industry across Europe and the UK. He started his career with Morgan Stanley where he acquired an in-depth knowledge of debt and equities capital markets and structured financial product. After the capital markets, held several positions within the private wealth management sector as a Director for HSBC and Erste bank for HNW Clients. He is focusing today on Deontea’s business development.




Caroline has worked numerous years in the financial industry across the EU and the UK where she acquired an in-depth knowledge of capital markets.

After leaving the financial markets, she held several positions as compliance manager for leading asset managers before joining the Financial Conduct Authority within the Wholesale Policy Department.

Caroline holds a master degree in economics and a post-graduate diploma in Compliance Management.

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