Financial Crime

Money laundering, fraud, bribery, and financing of terrorism are key themes for regulators worldwide.  In addition to the potentially significant financial losses and reputational damage caused by financial crime, any failure to establish and maintain adequate and effective controls will leave you and your personnel open to criminal sanctions and heavy fines.

Whether you wish to design your systems and controls from scratch, review what you have in place, obtain a full regulatory opinion on more complex matters, or implement a tailored training program we can help.

We already support a broad range of firms across among others the following sectors locally or on cross border basis:

  • Investment firms
  • Asset Managers
  • Credit Institutions
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Virtual Asset Service Providers
  • Crowdfunding


  • MLR 2017 as amended (MLR 2019)
  • Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 as amended
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Sanctions
  • Fraud
  • JMLSG and any other related/relevant regulations on Financial Crime
  • AMLD IV as amended
  • Directive (EU) 2019/1153 of June 2019
  • Regulation (EC) 2015/847 of May 2015 as amended (Information of transfer of funds – “Travel rule”)
  • Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/758 of January 2019 (High Risk Third Countries)
  • Sanctions (CFSP 2020/199 and CR (EU) 1998/2020)
  • EBA/ESMA and EIOPA guidance and any other related/relevant regulations on Financial Crime

Any other EU country on demand …