Support with regulators on-site visit or request for information

When a regulator announces an on-site inspection or does requests information, it is always a very stressful moment for the compliance team and the management body.

Our analysts, all ex-regulators have participated in and shaped similar visits, requests, or supervisory exercises: We are here to support you every step of the way.    



  • Review and assessment of Regulators’ requests: issues identification, Regulators’ expectations, and insight into their thinking
  • Preparation and management of supervisory visits
  • Meeting preparation including planning for addressing identified gaps


S: Specific

  • Insight into supervisory practices taking into account the nature, scale, and complexity of your business
  • Holistic and forward-looking assessment of your requirements

M: Meaningful/Measurable

  • Helping to alleviate unease & apprehension
  • Supporting you in prioritising the deliverables and ensuring risks and likely impact are clearly identified

R: Relevant and reasonable

  • Access to expert advice and support
  • Fully coordinated with your internal resources

T: Timely

  • Flexible and timely intervention
  • Continuous communication with senior management to allow for full oversight