Our ecosystem

We operate in a complex world: no single Firm can provide all the necessary expertise to effectively and adequately support a regulated entity.

A Business ecosystem

As in the natural world, a business ecosystem consists of all the entities and of the environment with which they interact. All members must work with, for, and around each other to keep the system stable, productive and inter-operative, to ideally driving collective benefits. It is meant at enhancing the performance of an organisation. Ecosystems comprising the right partners are now essential to success.

We work together to bring you value

Deontea is successfully partnering with various companies, regulatory bodies, and other recognised institutions. It allows its clients to access unique top of the range services to create lasting value, push the boundaries and provide you with unique top of the range comprehensive solutions.

Below are examples of leading institutions in our Ecosystem:

            BDO Luxembourg / Paris

             House of Training Luxembourg

               Xcina Consulting a Shearwater Group Plc Company, London

       Deloitte Luxembourg

              LWM Avocats Paris

  Sia Partners Paris/London



What we do

We have developed an on-going program to develop and enrich our Ecosystem to ensure we can at all times provide you with the highest level of service to ensure your success. We also welcome the idea for collaboration with your existing partners as we believe that the path to success is the one that is the least disruptive.




* Most surveys and studies predict that within the next few years most firms will operate within ecosystems built of cross-industry players to create solutions and services for their customers.