Who We Are

Deontea Ltd is a highly specialised firm providing tailored and bespoke regulatory services to the financial industry stakeholders. We support firms in meeting their regulatory obligations with confidence, and obtaining assurance that their systems and controls are proportionate, fit for purpose whilst staying business friendly.

The regulatory framework under which we operate is young and not yet fully mature. It originated in the 2008 financial crisis. The past 10 years have seen the adoption of a multitude of new regulatory instruments aimed at consolidating the proper functioning of financial markets and strengthening investors protection.

Deontea’s was founded in February 2018 by ex-regulators & financial market specialists to respond to a pressing demand for dedicated skills and expert knowledge that today’s Big 4 and most law firms rarely possess since the sophistication of regulations, the complexity of financial markets and supervisory authorities’ expectations have considerably evolved.


DEONTEA is derived from the English word Deontology stemming from the Greek word “deon” what to do, duty and from the suffix logy (logos) “study, science”. We want to help our clients to not only do the legal thing, but also the right thing.

In today’s world investment firms have to go beyond the minimum regulatory requirements, they have to think their compliance and regulatory arrangements as tools to gain clients & market shares. Only those that manage to truly demonstrate that they handle clients’ assets with due care and diligence while fully complying with the regulatory framework will succeed. We seek to accompany Senior Management and Compliance staff in delivering those outcomes by providing government grade intelligence.

Cross-Border – Multijurisdictional solution

Today’s firms are global and operate in an integrated manner (e.g., single compendium of policies and procedures, functions optimisation and rationalisation within a group of companies). Often their services providers have still a predominantly local expertise and need to rely on 3rd parties’ advice in overseas jurisdictions. Deontea is uniquely positioned to propose a true cross-border service and is genuinely comfortable with the challenges raised by often diverging national regulatory requirements and obligations. 

Our motto

Tick box approach is a thing of the past; only a bespoke & practical approach is the right answer to today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment & business landscape. We embrace change and ever evolving circumstances: we move quickly and think pragmatically. We are not scared by ambiguity. We change and adapt with confidence and positivity: this is what our clients need: a true partner to support them when facing their own challenges.

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Deontea enables its clients to scale and achieve their objectives.


In a professional environment Deontology is the set of rules or duties governing the conduct of members of a profession. Complying means ensuring conformity of one’s actions with these rules. The purpose is to govern the relationships between professionals within the same sector of activities as well as the relations between them and their clients or the public. Like the rule of law, deontological rules apply in the same way to all members of the group and in all situations with an important difference though: what matters is the outcome. It is an operational and organisational subject matter: it is not a legal issue. An independent Authority* is responsible for enforcing these rules and imposing penalties for derogations.

* To distinguish/differentiate from a legal issue where the Courts are responsible for imposing penalties and enforcement authorities (Police) to identify and investigate breaches