Regulatory Intelligence as a Service

Firms are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure continuity and regularity in the performance of their services and activities. To achieve that outcome NCAs expect them to employ appropriate, proportionate systems, resources, and procedures.

Regulatory Intelligence aaS is meant at providing our clients with an external expert regulatory resource readily accessible to help them navigate the rising complexity of regulations.



  • A set number of hours purchased, billed monthly that provide unrestricted access to Deontea’s support on any matters related to regulatory obligations and requirements. Additional resource to supplement the Firm’s needs and enhance further the Firm’s ability to mitigate and manage regulatory risk
  • Package of hours: different options starting at 50 hours a year  
  • To be used on demand without specific schedule, can also be drawn on for larger projects


S: Specific

  • Our analysts, all ex-regulators and expert industry practitioners will process the demands and assist on any subject matters or issues encountered by the clients.
  • Regulatory expert support and assistance with new and existing regulatory hurdles.
  • Advice, Reviews, Assessments, Analysis, Guidance covering day-to-day regulatory obligations as well as assisting with any new initiatives.

M: Meaningful/Measurable

  • Effective use of Firm’s resources, controlled and manageable budget
  • Access to expert advice and support: enhance Firm’s expertise and deliverables.
  • Flexible: allowing access to our services when needed

R: Relevant and reasonable/effective management of resources

  • Regulations are more and more complex
  • Compliance Officers lack time to follow all subjects and issues
  • Hiring advisors may be costly
  • Getting outside support on demand may not be readily available

T: Timely

  • Access to additional resources and expert support
  • Secured access to needed resources
  • Time saving: no need to explain the Firm’s processes and business model each time an issue arises