Seeking authorisation and/or applying for variation of permissions

Getting authorised to carry-out regulated activities is often considered to be really challenging. Many of our clients have learned the hard way that their legal counsel was ill prepared to support them through the entire journey.

Our analysts, all ex-regulators, have participated in the elaboration of the frameworks that governs your future activities. They are in a unique position to discuss your business model, the resources you will need, and will guide you in shaping your internal controls and risk management frameworks. 



  • We offer guidance and support in submitting requests for initial authorisation or variation of permissions in the UK, the EU and Switzerland
  • We help you navigate the authorisation process including negotiating/communicating with the relevant NCAs 
  • We design and/or aid you in designing your regulatory business plan, setting up all the necessary policies and procedures to ensure that your arrangements are sufficient, effective, and fit for purpose to meet NCAs expectations


S: Specific

  • Bespoke and tailored to your business model: not another off-the-shelf solution and/or a copy of the applicable regulatory requirements
  • Based on a thorough risk assessment and transverse analysis: Our breadth of experience allows us to balance your business objectives with the relevant regulatory requirements

M: Meaningful/Measurable

  • Holistic approach to ensure that all aspects pertaining to your business are addressed
  • Drafted by ex-regulators, i.e., by persons that designed, implemented, and enforced the rules stemming from the applicable regulatory instruments

R: Relevant and reasonable

  • We leverage on the existing and seek your input to ensure they are tailored to your needs
  • Firms often exist within a group of companies and specific needs and requirements will be integrated to ensure full integration to allow local as well as cross-border oversight

T: Timely

  • We are happy to discuss any specific needs to create fully tailored deliverables
  • Any such deliverables may come with a specific training and support as needed to ensure that all relevant parties understand their responsibilities and how the framework applies to them