Strategic regulatory counsel and analysis – Technical regulatory opinion

Most of us do not realise that the overall regulatory framework under which we operate is still very young and constantly evolving.  It has become very sophisticated and extremely complex:  the entrenched approach of having a legal counsel do the work is mostly outdated. 

Understanding the rules does not guaranty compliance, as laws and regulations are of a different nature.

Our Team of ex-regulators is uniquely positioned to support you in understanding Regulators’ expectations and objectives, and to help you in designing and implementing suitable arrangements, systems, and controls, that will allow you to concentrate on your business whilst ensuring full compliance with the applicable requirements.



  • We provide bespoke regulatory counsel and strategic support to help you navigate the complexity of the regulatory framework
  • We provide advice and opinions on various subject matters (e.g., governance, conduct, financial crime, capital markets, asset management …) taking into account your business constraints and operating models
  • We help you in resolving your specific issues, can offer ad-hoc support or assist you with changes you need to implement stemming from new regulatory initiatives or business scaling including guiding you through the effect and impact it may have on your existing arrangements, systems, and controls.


S: Specific

  • Our solutions/guidance are fully tailored to your operating model and specific services offered or activities carried-out
  • Where most organisations will deliver high level, generic and standardised answers, we will provide you with fully tailored solutions and recommendations

 M: Meaningful/Measurable

  • Our analysis and advice are enriched by our multi- jurisdictional experiences, thorough risk assessment and holistic approach
  • Our industry knowledge, expertise and inner understanding of the regulatory framework provides us with a unique hedge, allowing us to deliver government grade advice

 R: Relevant and reasonable

  • We provide practical guidance, business oriented, proportionate to the scale, complexity, and size of your operations
  • Our expertise and experience allow us to support your compliance function in overseeing changes and ensuring that any new processes embed adequate systems and controls

T: Timely

  • We are happy to discuss any specific needs to create fully tailored deliverables
  • We help you to understand and effectively address your regulatory risks today and, in the future.